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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming – One of the best things you can do to maintain health and beauty of your landscape is to perform regular maintenance of you trees.

Trimming and Thinning – There are several important reasons for regularly pruning your trees. Safety is the greatest reason, weak branches and unthinned trees are many times more likely to either lose large branches or blow over in high winds, which could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or vehicles, or even worse injure or kill someone when the branch or tree falls. The second reason is the health of the tree, by removing unhealthy or crossing branches the tree can concentrate its energy reserves on the remaining branches. Finally, regular pruning can help maintain a desirable shape and look to your landscape. It is never too late to start pruning your trees to keep them healthy.

Removal – Unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree, either because it is dead or just not wanted any more. We can help with trees of any size or shape.

One-time Cleanups – What is Included

Mowing – your grass will be mowed completely and evenly at the height that is ideal for your grass and the site specifics. If we cannot reach an area with a lawn mower we will use a line trimmer to cut those areas.

Edging – we will edge concrete borders such as walkways, curbs and driveways using a line trimmer.

Weeding – we cut all weeds with hula ho’s in rock areas and planters. We will not hand pull any weeds either in bushes or in planting beds if there are annuals present. We do not use any herbicide during your regular maintenance, but if there are weed problems we may recommend pre emergent or other specific treatments at an additional charge. It is impossible to eliminate all weeds, but by doing regular maintenance they should be kept under control.

Trimming – We will trim all shrubs up to 6’ tall as needed at your maintenance. We will try to allow them to flower where appropriate. Special requests will be noted on your work order so that we can be sure to meet your specific expectations. Our maintenance crews are not equipped or trained for trimming trees, so it is not included in your maintenance, but can be done at an additional charge by calling the office.

Blowing – We will blow all rock areas and patios after trimming, including under bushes, however we will not remove extra debris to blow behind it.

Raking – We will rake all rock areas after blowing to make sure that the yard looks as good as it can.

Debris Removal – We will remove all yard waste generated from your clean up. If there is extra debris to haul off it can be done at an extra charge.

Charles, Gilbert

You do very impressive work. The crews did an outstanding job and were very efficient. My neighbors have already begun to compliment the work. I will definitely refer your company to my neighbors. Thank you.

Nick, Chandler

The guys did a fantastic job. They were so friendly and helpful. Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had with any service to date.

Sue, Mesa

Our yard was left better than they found it. You did more than what was expected. We will definitely use you in the future for sure!