We offer weekly and bi-weekly maintenance in Mesa, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Chandler and Tempe.

Our standard maintenance package includes:

– Trimming bushes and small palms – up to 6′ tall
– Raise trees in right of ways to 6′
– Rake rocks where have been disturbed. If wants entire yard raked, there will be an additional charge
– Blow all rock and hardscape areas
– Cut or spray weeds in rock
– Bushes (as needed)
– Irrigation – monthly visual inspection. Will advise homeowner if any additional repairs are needed
– Irrigation – Will reset timer to our specs 2 times per year (assuming we have access to timer)
– Mow and edge grass

We also offer an all inclusive package that offers everything in a standard package as well as:

Sq Ft Grass – fertilized every month Dec-Aug
Palms – Fertilized every April and Spt and treated for Chlorosis
Citrus – Fertilized every February, April and September
Tree – Fertilized every April and Spt
Shrubs – Fertilized every Oct and March
Pre-Emergent – Every October and March

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